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Photo Friday: California doesn’t have a record of immigrants from Argentina before the 1970s because upon their arrival, they weren’t classified by their country of origin. We do know that the 1990 U.S. Census recorded 15,115 Argentinians in Los Angeles. Census records also showed Argentineans living in Deer Park, Acton, East Richmond Heights, Sunnyslope, and La Habra Heights.

Argentinean restaurants, with their specialty of grilled meats, are peppered throughout the state and include Villa Roma in Laguna Hills, Gaucho Grill in Long Beach, Lala’s Argentine Grill in LA, to name only a few.

I haven’t found a “Little Buenos Aires” yet, so it doesn’t seem that Argentineans congregate in enclaves within California. Instead, contributions come from many individuals, such as multi-billionaire Alejandro Pedro Bulgheroni to Timothy White, the chancellor of UC Riverside.

At Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco I found a food truck that had a delicious menu touting Argentinean cuisine along with a few other eclectic items.

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