Mural Monday: I found this fascinating mural in Long Beach, which is particularly interesting here outside of LA where you can drive along any highway or even take a stop at the In & Out Burger and see oil pumps everywhere around you.

This mural is called Oil, Life & Ecology created by artist Eva Cockcroft in 1990. Her assistants were Celia Ko, Ray Jackson, Kenny Leach, and Allesandra Moctezuma. It was a community project produced in cooperation with the National Guard. Sponsored by the City of Long Beach Parks & Recreation & Community Development.

The paper flying over traffic says: “Petroleum has been the basis of modern civilization, replacing whale oil powering transportation & providing plastics for consumer goods & medicine. On the other hand, it is limited & through misuse pollutes the oceans & air. Through the human spirit & science which have taken humanity from watery beginnings to the stars. We must harness unlimited clean energy from earth, water, wind & sun to power the future.”

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