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Mural Monday: I always love when public art re-defines itself. From spray paint on a wall to a wholly different medium like bubble gum, today I want to display the roaming mural. I found this on a KC-135 Airplane at March Field Air Museum in Riverside, CA.

For aircraft buffs, this isn’t just any plane. The KC-135 is a military version of the Boeing 707 passenger plane and replaced the KC-97 propeller-driven air-refueling tanker of the mid-1950′s. The KC-135′s altitude and speed can go over 500 MPH. To refuel, mid-air, an airplane flies up behind the tanker guided by lights on the underside of the plane. A boom operator lies in a prone position near the rear, dispensing fuel to the receiver through a guided winged boom. The fuel off-load rate is 6,500 pounds per minute. In one minute, this plane provides enough fuel to operate an average family car for one year.

While it does its job, any passerby at several thousand feet in the air can enjoy this colorful mural near its nose called Ole Grandad.

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  1. Gil
    15 January 2013 at 3:17 AM #

    Someone should paint picture of a bottle of Old Granddad next to it!

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