John Steinbeck in SalinasJohn Steinbeck in Salinas
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Mural Monday: I found these murals in Salinas and Monterey. Along Cannery Row I found a whale that honors the famous Monterey aquarium.

Two other murals honor author John Steinbeck who lived in this area. In Salinas, the mural with his face in the middle explains: “As a native of Monterey County, John Steinbeck’s writings of the people and landscape brought world recognition to the Monterey Bay. His books, screenplays and documentation of his travels are rendered lovingly and with the respect of a national theater.”

In Monterey, the mural depicts the characters from John Steinbeck’s book¬†Cannery Row:¬†”Mack was the elder, leader, mentor, and to a small extent the exploiter of a little group of men who had in common no families, no money, and no ambitions beyond food, drink, and contentment. But whereas most men in their search for contentment destroy themselves and fall wearily short of their targets, Mack and his friends approached contentment casually, quietly, and absorbed it gently.”

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